Just wanted to share this photo as a follow up to my previous post about education and self empowerment being the key to maintaining a healthy, balanced life.
The weather here in North QLD has really heated up and after a couple long days working/training I thought it wise to refresh my knowledge on fatigue management and hydration strategies thanks to Loren Cordain and Joe Friel. Two of the leaders in combining a paleo diet and athletic aspirations!
After listening to some of the suggestions by Loren Cordain in recent podcasts, I think he takes it a little to far for me (just my opinion) in not agreeing with the use of flours, breads or bars as these are much more sustainable to prepare and carry for me. Joe Friel’s a guru when it comes to triathlon/endurance training and his book triathlon training bible is a constant reference for me on all training matters.
The book I’m reading here is the Paleo Diet for Athletes and highly recommend flicking through it next time your in having a coffee at a Paleo cafe:-)