Just wanted to share a comment posted by Ken Ware who is the founder and world leader of Neurophysics Training! Both my partner and I are currently using his program with amazing results so highly recommend having a look at his website! There are some amazing youtube videos to.


Hey Jarrod – there are some intrinsic mechanisms that were built into our evolutionary package that are in our best interest for survival, that may at times convert to a perception of self sabotaging. We are actually programmed to maintain patterns of behavior. This is what assists us to do all the regular things without too much effort or thought. However there is no bias by your system over which is a good behavior and which is a bad behavior – it just sets about doing what is necessary to maintain old patterns. This worked well when we were simply interacting within a natural environment – however this intrinsic mechanism can obviously have rogue potential, given the undesirable influences our environment can potentially have on us in todays world. There will always be an intrinsic attraction to participate in behaviors that we have in the past, acquired comfort from, especially at times of extreme stress. The laws that govern energy conservation are very real also and the debt has to be paid for engaging in excessive exercise – this can be experienced as a depression of the system until the debt is paid back. The person than puts a subjective value on what that means to them and acts out in response to this notion..Again it was in our best interest as a survivor to conserve energy..extreme exercise can be seen as a violation of this and the system, in an effort to rid itself of its allostatic overload, can potentially appear to sabotage any further attempts at exercise, until it has restored allostasis. AND there is yet another thing we can be found guilty of, that accomplishes the same thing as self sabotage – ie, ‘paralyses through analyses’ we can be found to be over thinking stuff, which it really creating noise in your training efforts..The old Nike slogan works well at times..’Just do it’ AND then you can say ‘Just done it’…Best always..

Just to add Kens final comment; HAVE FUN!!! Perfect words to take into the festive season!