I wanted to look at the concept or idea of self sabotage and how prevalent it is in most peoples daily lives ranging from areas like dietary choices to business decisions and all things in between. Since studying this topic a few weeks in a module at IN I have been looking at and reviewing a number of my own habits good and bad, trying to decipher where they originated from and what continues there existence.
Sub-conscious decisions and learnt habits can be our greatest strength or biggest downfall! A perfect example is good food choices, the more I talk to clients and more importantly listen to what they know the more I realise that people generally know what is the healthier choice and therefore benefit them the most. Often they even realise and accept feeling like crap for the hours or days to come yet even armed with this knowledge the same poor choice is consistently made. Why? When you think about it, most people genuinely wish to be healthy, energised and HAPPY ( three words I use in my morning meditation each day) yet instant satisfaction from certain foods overrides comin sense.
Now, some cravings like sugar, savoury, soft drinks or chocolate can be initiated from actual mineral deficiencies or just plain old dehydration. This is where I recommend 2 things; First seek out a good doctor and get some simple blood tests, secondly find health coach, nutritionist or dietitian and start learning! Take responsibility and ownership of your long term health, identify areas where change is desired then set up a network of people to help along the way. People often ask what does a health coach do? Simply, they should first listen to your story/situation and areas of concern then support, guide, encourage and importantly educate you on ways to make healthy and positive changes with lasting results. Although I believe diet and lifestyle are forever changing as our environment and situation change its important to develop basic tools to manage these changes and identify unproductive habits before they become ingrained in daily life.

“Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they’re all a projection of you.”
Deepak Chopra