As the year winds to an end and all the Christmas festivities begin I thought it important to remind and possible encourage people to maybe look to sleep as a way of maintaining health and avoiding that Xmas weight gain that will become a New Years resolution to lose.
Culture suggests that its a time of great feasts and celebration however I think with some mindful eating and good sleep you can redirect that New Years goal to a better cause than weight loss!
The more I research into sleep and its importance in not only weight management but brain function and efficiency the more it becomes a priority in my own life! Does that mean sleeping more? Not always, for most getting 6-7hrs is enough for me its closer to 8 or 9hrs depending on how much training I’m doing. What I think becomes important is quality sleep, good restorative, deep sleep that you wake from feeling ready to go.
As a shift worker, finding ways to get the most out of sleep has been at times frustrating but always interesting and definitely an area I look forward to helping clients with as I begin Health Coaching.
One person I’ve found very reliable for quality research and knowledge is Ben Greenfield and have attached a link that might get you rethinking your sleep strategies.

Ben Greenfield on How to Sleep Your Way to a Six-Pack