Right I’m going to be straight up with a couple of ideas or thoughts on ways to improve happiness as we move towards Christmas, where life becomes busy with social commitments and possible holiday planning. It’s really important to ensure you take time each day to stay focused on what’s important in life to YOU!
#1 – look at how you view yourself! Are you proud of both what you do and how you do it! This can be from the smallest task like cleaning around the house to closing a big deal at work or even just finishing a workout to the best of your ability.
Which leads to #2- STOP comparing yourself to others and respect the path in front of you. Rest assured everybody has there own problems just like you, only difference might be they don’t carry it around all day in the form of resentment.
#3- make a conscious effort to smile and more important, get someone else to smile. Its so contagious and shore to get good endorphins flowing.
#4 – find empowerment through education. If confronted with a problem; plan, prepare and overcome.
#5 – don’t look for quick fixes or shortcuts. I’m all for efficiency when getting work done but not at the cost of quality.
#6 – spend more time with people that are happy, sounds simple cause it is! Surround yourself with those that bring you up not take you down.
#7 – find things that bring joy to your life and do them daily. Sounds easy but for most it doesn’t happen, or unfortunately for some they can’t even remember what brings them joy. Just to clarify this doesn’t mean so American sitcom TV show its real creative joy like dancing, singing, painting, talking with friends/family over a home cooked meal, or some exercise.
#8 – this is really important; REMIND yourself its OK to be happy, to many get stuck in the poor me cycle and don’t let themselves see, feel and be happy!
#9 – lastly be grateful for all that you have, realise the difference between wants and needs.
Hope this helps as we move to a time of giving, remember to smile:-)