After a couple of interesting recovery weeks where to be honest my emotions and self belief took a battering, I’ve been thinking why is it during peak training diet, sleep, and self belief seem to be more often than not under control yet when resting or recovering bad thoughts creep in.
My answer, endorphins and positive feedback. That amazing sense of achievement when you nail a great training session or get to that group session and integrate with friends.
For most, off season means no more self care like foam rolling, massage, ice baths, getting outside first thing in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and energising sun.
From this I have a couple of ideas like keeping that early morning alarm but going for a walk or getting to the beach for a swim, early morning yoga is a great lower impact and intensity way to gain great mental and physical strength in a very positive and loving environment.
Another idea is visualisation and deep breathing, two things that when done correctly and purposefully can really energise you!
Another idea is to just keep the hormones ticking with short sharp sessions warm up well then something like 5-10x60m wind sprints or even beach sprints, keep full recovery! Could also be similar effort in pool or ocean, but its important not to get carried away and keep sessions nothing more than 20mins. Above all have fun and remember if you are enjoying an off season, make decisions that benefit your health and don’t worry what others think, do or say as they are on a different schedule……… THERES!