After posing quite a few questions I thought it time to expand and provide some ideas and possible ways to begin or just continue the journey to health.
This definitely isn’t ground breaking news but I honestly believe and can say first hand the mind can be your greatest enemy or if used correctly the quickest and most lasting avenue to health.
To expand slightly I’d encourage you to reflect on what habits you would like to change and if they are something learnt from past experience. An example for me is eating to quickly and without appreciating the food in front of me, it’s something I’ve often noticed but never paid attention to until starting this reflective process upon which I realised that it started when I joined the army and learnt to eat quick and lots from buffet style dinning. Now this wasn’t intentional learning but it’s still a habit that until I address and reprogram will be with me. The next step for me is to add purpose, if you try and change something without a purpose or meaning then its sure to fail but if you give it meaning, a time frame and a purpose. Again for me I added the benefit of improved digestion, more joy through actually tasting different flavours and sometimes textures but most of all it extends family time! No better reason than that.
Lastly I think this poster below sums it up, look to change for yourself not someone else!