As I begin to conduct health histories and look at methods to help coach, assist and facilitate people to adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle my initial thoughts go to prioritising. By this I mean its hard to change many areas of life at once and the longest lasting results are quite often achieved via small changes.
This now raises the question, do you focus on fitness/exercise, nutrition or managing things like mental stress. Being a personal trainer a friend asked me if that was going to be part of the service I provide as a health coach. It got me thinking, most people when seeking to lose weight or “get healthy” will go straight to physical training, for many this works short term and for some it can be long term but I think as a general rule I like to look at balancing stress both physical and mental while addressing major dietary changes required. This gives the person an opportunity to learn how to manage the added pressure of training and best ways to fuel the body and mind.
At the end of the day a wholistic, educational but most of all enjoyable process needs to be followed! If you take on a healthy life style with a great support group, positive outlook and a sense of empowerment through education great results will come.
Below is my own baked bread which after 2weeks of experimenting I finally got to rise and set:-) topped with avocado and home made liver pate.