As I reflect on 2014 in terms of sporting results, performances and lessons one thing has become very, very clear; you must learn to control and compete with your own mind before you worrying about what others are doing!
I have learnt this the hard way over the last 12-18months as I lost touch with my own body and mind especially during races. My thoughts became focused on how poorly I’d swim, making up time as fast as possible on the bike leaving me fatigued and hurting before even getting to my most favourite thing, running.
Over the second part of the year my focus returned back on things in my control, things I did well and most importantly being grateful and excited rather than fearful of training, racing and the challenges a head!
By no means have I figured out anything new, just realised that to get the best out of myself, it needs to be from within, attacked whole heartedly using those around me to gain greater motivation while sticking to the process and plan formulated to get through each race not only fast but smiling!
When reflecting on great performances both in training and racing it’s become important to recognise where my thoughts are, how I view myself and do I believe. I haven’t just applied this to sports but life, work is a big one because we spend so much time there, its important to find ways to give 100%, even if you don’t love your current job realise its what provides for other areas of life to enjoy.
For myself using this as motivation for further studies and developing areas of life I do love like Health Coaching, something I can’t wait to start over the coming months and facilitating others to find health and happiness. Already I have expanded my knowledge thanks to the integrative nutrition course, consequently improving my own health!
Here’s looking to 2015, challenging my own fears and embracing what I have and what’s to come.