Just wanted to share a quick insight into what I’ve noticed after 30 days of meditation. Although very basic and some days it was just no more than an awareness practice consisting of 3-5mins standing on balcony, eyes closed and addressing feelings, thoughts and emotions. I’ve come to realise like most things the more you concentrate on something the harder it is like clearing your mind and the need to be still, holding certain body positions and breathing patterns etc..
It was actually something I heard from Jon Gabriel – a health expert who mentioned to begin with it doesn’t matter. Just start thoughts will come in, you may get restless or have to move but just be ok with that and realise its practice! You will get benefits regardless if you have good intension and be aware of THAT moment, if your mind wonders follow then come back to now.
The idea is recognising where thoughts go, future, past, happy, sad etc. then just breath nice and deep really bring energy in and expel any stress or negativity.
For me some days I enjoy quiet meditation others require guidance but there are numerous phone apps and resources to guide you.
I’m also very fortunate to practice yoga most days and what was once a purely physical activity, yoga has become an amazing healing tool for my mind and body!
Next up is a 2hr breath and meditation workshop which I can’t wait to experience!