This post is aimed at giving meaning and direction to my random decision to start blogging and the topics that have come up.
About 3 months ago I signed up for a health coaching course with a company called integrative nutrition. Of all the courses, program’s and colleges in this field or industry, Integrative Nutrition appealed the most to me. Why? Well after working as a personal trainer for a number of years and now working with people that really don’t look after there health due to poor sleep, pier group pressure and maybe just a lack of understanding towards healthy living I decided to see if there was a way to help people (myself included) understand more about why we chose certain foods and how it affects our body, mind and lives.
This is where the Integrative Nutrition course really resonated with me, looking at life as two parts primary foods-being things such as beliefs, habits, relationships, spirituality, family etc and secondary foods- what we actually eat.
When looking at health this way you can become more mindful of why you make certain choices and how it affects your body.
On a personal note this has been amazing and life changing as I explore aspects of my past that still control my decisions in the present and sometimes hold me back from moving freely into the future.
Questions such as what are your beliefs? What are your values? What are your motivations? These can be applied to any area of life.
Time to explore;-)