After working last night I didn’t get riding till a bit after 8am today and being North Qld in November that means hot and windy times. This was my first road ride for a week and after running, yoga, gym and swim yesterday before work last night my body felt pretty average, that said the beauty of today was no pressure I just wanted to ride, smile and be grateful for the freedom to explore.
Needless to say 3or so hours later on arrival home I was a little dehydrated and pretty hungry, first up was liquid nutrition as I find this much easier on the stomach straight up. I like to take the Jamie Oliver style cooking approach where not much gets measured and lots get flavoured.
The subsequent concoction was created; coconut water, fresh turmeric, ginger, parsley, mint, lemon(the whole thing), kale, celery, bee pollen, hemp seeds, greens powder and chlorella and blended all that. Then add frozen berries, coconut flakes and coconut oil ( I love how the oil goes hard and crunchy with the frozen berries)!
From there I let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes just to set a little then bang it’s gone!
Well hope this gives a little inspiration to create energising life giving food, its fun!