Now this is a very diverse and often person specific subject that can be applied to any area of life. To start with and definitely a topic that sees the most attempts, resulting in lots of failures is diet.
One way that I’ve found after 3 or so years of constant stomach, digestive and other health issues is to make a choice rather than feel like you have to give something up. For example, my first hurdle came after blood tests indicated I had sensitivities to lactose, gluten, soy and almonds. That rocked me as it made up about 60-70% of my diet at that time and 3yrs ago gluten free items were harder to get then now making this a big change, however one I’m very grateful for as it opened my eyes to new foods and flavours as I researched what could I have! Striving for sporting best means providing the body with optimal nutrition and helping to reduce inflammation wherever possible!
The next lot of news was however the most life changing and required me to change a number of in ground beliefs, after months of battling constant fatigue, lack of recovery from exercise and continual stomach issues I finally found a doctors who could give me some answers. As I walked into his office ready for what I hoped were some answers, not for a second did I expect a list to include, leaky gut, candida, helico-bacteria, no good probiotics and a skin fungus as well! Yet all I could do was smile, the doc looked at me and said are you ok, my reply, clearly not from that list but at least now I have answers, a confirmed reason for my ill health! So I asked where to from here? That’s where things got interesting as he suggested stomach cleanse, and the total removal of sugar plus most carbs from the diet to starve off the candida. As an endurance athlete, I couldn’t imagine life without carbs as all the research and studies as a personal trainer told you to live on them! But for me health is the number one goal so I chose to follow his advice and commit 100% to this way of life. It wasn’t easy at first to eliminate fruit as I loved eating fresh dates, bananas and apples just to name a few but that’s where I started to change my mindset to what can I have? No longer having thoughts of oh I can’t have certain things but thinking of new and exciting vegetables, meats and herbs to fill the plate! Learning about bone broth, kombucha, and other stomach healing practices! Its now been 18months and after a transitional period where my body changer from a sugar burner to a fat burner I now feel amazing! That said still to this day when people say oh you can’t each this cake can you? My reply is always the same, yes I can but I chose not to as I know it will make me sick latter on.
My challenge for you is to not be afraid of making a choice and moving forward with health and happiness:-)
Attached is a photo of my latest batch of bone broth, although I’m still working on this…. Especially while Tash is away as she normally spoils me with this!