After a busy couple weeks since returning from Hawaii I’ve had little time to really stop and think about the race on Sunday, that was until now. I arrived late Thursday night after a long day of travel and stress which accompanies transporting an expensive bike. As I woke Friday morning it was the first time for a while that not only was there nowhere specific to be but I didn’t have my girl here to help talk about my thoughts. I was so grateful and lucky to have here with me in Hawaii, allowing me to voice thoughts aloud and hear how silly the mind can be.
For some reason, even after completing one of the hardest ironman events only 4weeks ago I still have self doubts and fears about finishing Sunday. Why is this? Well last year although I finished it was in great pain, which is also the main motivation for returning. To confront these fears and be able to let go and move on, no longer associate myself with a person that has back, or health issues but someone who is growing, learning and developing new and exciting skills!
Using things such as mantras and affirmations to assist me in reprogramming my own self beliefs on this issue. That said I still believe we need some fear or risk as this will enable better growth and satisfaction when the task is complete! I also plan to adopt this same attitude toward my fear with becoming a health coach and even this blog! Remembering that failure is only a waist of time if you didn’t commit 100% to the task at hand, otherwise its a lesson and something to be used in the future!