After my recent post on self care one of my work colleagues mentioned he had just taken his 12yr old son for a massage due to the fact that he was complaining of muscle soreness and headaches! To expand, his son swims with a squad 2-3 times per week, soccer training 2 times and martial arts once. I’m the first to admit that’s a fair bit for a kid but my friend insists his son loves it and will always skip a day of training if doesn’t feel like it or would rather spend time with friends! To me that’s a great balance of social interaction and personal development.
This brings me to the self care topic again and as I mentioned in a previous post its something I think everyone should incorporate into their life at a level that maintains life balance. This includes kids, in this day and age like adults they sit to much and move incorrectly but instead of striving to move better they compensate and sacrifice good movement patterns for poor as a way to relieve pain which is natural as no one wants to be in pain!