As I prepare for another race only 4weeks after Hawaii and following a busy week of work and my partner heading away for 5 weeks placement I’ve had to really be proactive with self-care to ensure that both physically and mentally I can once again get the most from my performance.
So what methods have I used; my go to is Yoga, I’m very grateful and fortunate that the local hot yoga studio lighten up has sponsored me for the next 6 months! Next is foam rolling/mobility work each night which seems to be great for helping release tight fascia but also relaxing before bed as well. Next is my race week massage, over the past 10 or so years of racing I’ve found that getting this earlier in the week works well and allows me to have an easy day or two then feel really good for last few sessions before race! I would also like to share a great conversation that I had during last massage where the question of, how often to should you get a massage? came up. My thought is, how often do you want to feel good? So often non-sporting people view this as a luxury, I truly believe it’s a necessity and based around how often can you afford it! Finally the most important aspect which is mental preparation, this is something I’m researching more about and trying to implement into all aspects of life. It includes some quiet meditation to clear the mind of chatter and allow some down time in whats a busy week. Visualisation is another great way to prep the body and as the training tapers off, use this to make up the majority of training.

That all being said self-care is something that everybody regardless of activity levels, age or gender should include as often ( I like daily) as possible, remembering its and activity that brings you peace of mind and body so is different for everyone. The only thing that is constant…… How great you can feel once finished!