About 10years ago after an amazing night of celebration in Sydney for my best friends bucks party, I stood on the beach at Manly looking out over a magical ocean filled with beautiful shades of blue. As the waves rolled in I walked in to about knee depth and the cool water began to sooth an aching body that I’d abused for hours previous, only to realise that’s as far as I could go. So hungover and lifeless I feared drowning if I continued! From that moment till now I have not drank again for no reason other than my constant desire to be active healthy and never miss a moment of natures beauty.
It was only today that I thought what do I miss about heading out on the town with friends? The answer I came to was dancing! Another activity that I find so enjoy full (although I do it poorly) as it allows great expression of feelings and release of emotion, however it was only when intoxicated and void of fear, judgement and conscious thought that I’d have the confidence to do it. Ever watched in amazement as a really good dancer can even cause emotions or feelings in others as its so powerful.
I encourage all to go have a little dance, be it in public or private, release all fear as I’m sure this simple free activity will have you smile for hours, not to mention the people around you, don’t let fear hold you back!