I must make it clear this is definitely not a topic that I will claim to be an expert in, however its something Like meditation that I’ve always been intrigued by but not dedicated time to learn. For some reason that has recently changed as I find a need to explore both mindfulness but also meditation.
Meditation is an activity that I’ve always seen as time consuming and confronting as I’m a very active person and the thought of being still seems unproductive, how wrong was I!
Again I’ve started small with a simple 5min silence to start each day, for me standing in mountain pose with rigid but relaxed posture and nice deep belly breathing. When thoughts come in I like to acknowledge them all no judgement or trying to change bad to good or negative to positive just acknowledge and then move back to my breath. Currently I’m on day 14 so will expand more as I go further into my meditation journey.
Mindfulness for me has been simplified to the concept of giving space between thought and action or reaction. Pausing(for just a second) to absorb what’s been said or done then acting. Again this concept was only suggested to me by a good friend about a week ago so I’m still working at it but have found good stress relief and energy as it can help avoid irrational actions.
As I mentioned this just touched on two aspects of my life that I’m currently working on and will expand more as this journey progresses.