After returning home from an amazing 3 weeks of travel and triathlon racing in which my diet was good but not great and my sleep was very disrupted I decided to do a little detox. I started with some activated charcoal post race as I had consumed lots of coca cola, sports drinks and anything else I could find to get through 140miles of swim, bike, run in the lava fields of Kailua Kona. We then flew back to Australia 3days later and again I used some charcoal to detox the heavy metals from flying and lifeless food.
I also travel with lots of greens powders and probiotics to help keep the nutrients up.
One thing I had noticed is due to detox I was being woken during the night a bit and also sleeping much lighter than normal. At first it wasn’t affecting me but the I went back to work, as a shift worker quality sleep becomes important!
As I became more tired, it was harder to control both food type (more carbs than normal) but also portion size and being aware of my body and when I was satisfied not full.
I also used magnesium oxide for a couple days, again to help rid the bowels of toxins, however also draining my body of vital nutrients needed to recover my body and mind.
To compound things I started training more to compensate for extra food which left me more drained and fatigued(but well detoxed:-)
So I think to sum it up I’ve learnt a really good lesson over the past couple of weeks to really plan post race and travel nutrition like I do pre. Ensure I listen to my body and its needs, if detoxing reduce other activities and relax more, then focus on high quality organic foods and drink lots of filtered water.
I will look to expand on this as I know turn to yoga, meditation and sleep to recover. Oh and good food, like this all natural, gluten, dairy, soy free carrot cake I made.,