This is a topic I’ve thought often and read extensively about. What’s my out come? Well firstly, this is definitely a multi blog post topic but one I’d like to get rolling and hopefully expand over time!
My basic summary now is life balance occurs when you fill up days doing things that bring joy and satisfaction to your life. Initially I looked at making life less busy only to realise I don’t mind being on the go if its doing things I enjoy, things That keep life moving forward.
This only came to my attention recently when I finished the studies required for work that had been occupying my time for the past 3yrs only to find after the initial joy of having free time that I needed to keep going, keep learning and expanding my knowledge. This has now led me to study health coaching! This made perfect sense to me as the reason I stopped working as a personal trainer was because I could help someone train for an hour but not impact meaningfully on there everyday life which is where health and happiness are truly found.
Bottom line for me – do things you love as often as possible and importantly be grateful that you can do them.