Growing up in Coastal Victoria I was used to cold winters and warm but not humid summers which often meant a few hot days then cooler days or at least the luxury of a beautiful clean, refreshing ocean to provide relief!
Now I live in tropical North Queensland and man does it get hot, humid and relentless. What does this mean?? Well something I’m now learning is juicing and blending I order to both hydrate but also help reduce gastric distress after exercise or strenuous activities.
For me this can be as simple as coconut water, ginger, lemon, and turmeric with a pinch of Himalayan salt! All fresh of course!!
From there I can easily turn this into a liquid meal with some coconut milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds(also great for hydration) kale and spice. Once blended I through a few seeds or nuts on and bang breakfast is served!
I love this because you can’t really go wrong!!