After an amazing few weeks of travel and Triathlon racing I’ve returned home and decided it’s time to interact with like minded people in an attempt to help others to find health and happiness while improving my own skills and knowledge along the way.
Over the last 12-18months I’ve encountered a number of challenges which at first glance can be interpreted as negatives, such as severe digestive issues which included leaky gut, candida and other parasites not to mention no good probiotics! I then experienced lower back problems which sore me not finish a number of triathlons including Hawaii Ironman world championships.
Fast forward 12 months and I have just returned from Hawaii Ironman this time with a much different story! A happy, life changing trip that had three daily goals; laugh, smile and dance everyday!
Its from this journey that I wish to start blogging and hopefully help others find good in bad and positive in the negatives! I believe all emotions need to be acknowledge, it’s what we do with them from there that shall shape our future!